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The Day The Tractor Came Personification

Pinky the Chihuahua and Perry the Platypus are allies, as they are in The Day The Tractor Came Personification same agency, though in different divisions. Solo, as The Day The Tractor Came Personification survivor The Day The Tractor Came Personification the Mission to The Day The Tractor Came Personificationlater became Joined into the Killik community, and was involved in the subsequent Dark The Day The Tractor Came Personification Crisis and Swarm War on the side of the Killiks against the Chiss, which strained her relationship with The Day The Tractor Came Personification Fel. Phineas The Day The Tractor Came Personification Ferb Where can I see it? Janeway The Day The Tractor Came Personification to negotiate The Day The Tractor Came Personification their leader, but he poem for sister refused to share the technology. Sit back and relax Evelyn Boyd Ganville we print your product or email your file directly to you in no time at all.

English Lesson 2

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I'm 6'1 and about lbs in this pic. Ok - I as you can hopefully see definitely know what PEDs are capable of delivering…. Very active: 3, calories. I also do 30 minutes of bodyweight HIIT type of workouts days a week burpees for life. She didn't think she'd live to see You will look a certain way at pounds, and that particular look and leanness is different from the look you have when you are at pounds and then pounds and so on. I feel way better just eating according to appetite, anyways! Solo and her brothers then returned to Coruscant along with Kre'fey. Rogue Squadron kept her busy though, and soon the young Rogue Eleven was helping recruit new pilots and training under noted pilots Tycho Celchu and Wedge Antilles.

At the same time, she and her brothers had to deal with her father's descent into depression and drunkenness, as a result of losing Chewbacca. When she wasn't training, Solo flew on missions such as covering the Battle of Garqi. Solo encouraged her brother to not only prepare, but to also take the time to focus on the mission and learn from his companions, Jedi Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode. During that run, Solo was deceived, along with almost everyone else in the New Republic task force led by Traest Kre'fey, into thinking Jacen and the ground team had been killed during insertion. She was understandably upset at first, thinking her brother dead. After being informed of the truth later by Darklighter, she was pleased to find out that was not the case, but did not enjoy the deception, even though it was necessary for operational security.

The event humbled her, as Solo realized she didn't have any right to special information regarding the mission and it reminded her that she was accorded any undue privileges due to her heritage. Their next mission was a reconnaissance run through the ruins of Sernpidal, another difficult emotional experience for Solo due to the death of Chewbacca in the planet's destruction. They found the Yuuzhan Vong were growing a worldship and immediately reported back to their flagship , Ralroost , to relay what they had found.

Solo and Ralroost returned to Garqi and once again flew cover for the commando team, though this time she was covering the extraction from the planet. The presence of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet nearly doomed them, but the timely arrival of Admiral Pellaeon's Imperial fleet, accompanied by Chiss pilots, turned the tide. He and a group of his pilots patronizingly escorted Solo and her wingman Capstan back to Ralroost , much to her irritation. The ground team's discovery on Garqi that bafforr pollen had an adverse effect on Yuuzhan Vong vonduun crab armor led Kre'fey to retreat his forces to Ithor , where the bafforr trees grew. The Yuuzhan Vong had also learned of this discovery, though, and planned a full-scale assault.

Jaina as a starfighter pilot in Rogue Squadron. As the defense for Ithor was planned, Solo was invited to attend a formal ceremony on Ithor attended by Imperial, Chiss, and New Republic military representatives, as well as few New Republic and Imperial politicians also. Solo in particular wanted to meet the leader of the Chiss unit, who had defeated her several times in simulations. To her surprise, she found that their leader was a Human, Jagged Fel, who took the time to introduce himself to her and backhandedly complimented her on her flying skill. While watching the decontamination procedures, she was joined by Fel, who commented that they should just take the risk and open the shuttle.

Solo responded that his comments seemed very mature, at which Fel implied she wasn't sufficiently hardened or mature enough to handle battle. Solo took offense at his remarks, but at the same time felt something stir within her for the stolid pilot. The Yuuzhan Vong attacked Ithor soon enough and in force. Solo and the rest of the Rogues launched to engage their fighters and troop transports. During the battle, while engaging the Yuuzhan Vong fleet, she lost her wingmate Anni Capstan, which emotionally hurt Solo deeply.

The New Republic forces were nevertheless able to stall the space advance. However, the battle overall was a loss for the New Republic since the Yuuzhan Vong unleashed a biological weapon that decimated Ithor's world-spanning jungle even after Shedao Shai was slain during a duel with Jedi Knight Corran Horn that had been set to determine Ithor's fate. The attack violated the terms of the duel, but devastated Ithor's surface, causing the Imperial forces to return to the Remnant and Horn to be exiled, though two of the Chiss squadrons and Fel remained in the New Republic.

Furthermore, Ithor's destruction contributed much to the Anti-Jedi sentiment of the galactic public. For her part, Solo bore her own grief for the loss of her wingmate, though Anakin tried to help her through it. Jaina Solo accompanied her family to Chewbacca's funeral on Kashyyyk, where she stood by her grieved father, trying to support him emotionally. In his grief at the loss of his longtime friend, Han lashed out and left his family behind on Kashyyyk, ordering Solo to take the family back to Coruscant in the Millennium Falcon. This eventually lead to a stronger bond between Solo and her mother, who she previously lambasted for her distance.

Solo offered to aid Talon Karrde on his mission, but Ganner Rhysode and Kyp Durron volunteered and were chosen instead. The battle went poorly for the New Republic because the extragalactic aliens had employed their Yo'gand's Core tactic; this involved using a dovin basal to cause Kalarba and its moon Hosk Station to collide. The New Republic fleet, outnumbered and outgunned, was forced to simply defend fleeing refugee ships while dueling coralskippers.

Solo attempted to defend the ship, but the Yuuzhan Vong succeeded in destroying it. The explosion wrecked her X-wing, though she managed to eject into space. Before she was retrieved she experienced hallucinations caused by low oxygen levels, where she spent several hours talking to Yoda , but couldn't understand what he was saying because he was speaking Gamorrean the whole time. She received a medical leave transfer to Duro , which had been selected as a SELCORE haven for refugees from conquered worlds and was where her father and brother Jacen were. Solo was not thrilled to be taken off active duty, but she tried to rest and heal as quickly as possible, knowing that the Yuuzhan Vong were continuing to advance, taking Druckenwell and Rodia.

She tried to get a message to her mother via Senator Viqi Shesh , but was unsuccessful, which frustrated her. One night, Jacen awakened her, bringing her to investigate a strange insect infestation. They soon realized that the insects were naotebe winglings , a Yuuzhan Vong creation meant to destroy the refugee camps on Duro. They evacuated their colony, but the decontamination procedures to avoid spreading the winglings required Solo to go through the same quarantine as all the other evacuees, which required her to be dipped in a chemical bath and her head shaved to prevent the winglings from spreading.

While there, she, Han and Jacen were joined by Leia Solo, who had also been on Duro working with the refugees. However, Solo was not pleased to see her mother, blaming her for being absent in the midst of her daughter's darkest hours. Leia replied that she hadn't even known about Solo's injuries and further stated that she would undergo the same decontamination procedures as Solo and the rest of the refugees—which included having her head shaved. That brought some measure of respect from Solo towards her mother, though Solo continued to resent her mother's perceived lack of attention to her children. While she convalesced and her sight continued to return, she was asked by her father to deal with a troublesome Hutt, Randa Besadii Diori.

She approached him to upbraid him for crashing into the communications shed when he suddenly handed her a Yuuzhan Vong villip communication device, telling her that the Yuuzhan Vong had an agent in the camp and that he had already reported the matter to Senator Shesh, one of the senatorial leaders of SELCORE. She was then asked by Mara Jade Skywalker to help her investigate a Duros scientist named Dassid Cree'Ar , who was ostensibly working on reclaiming Duro's toxic environment. Solo used the Force to unmask him, but he fled before they could subdue him. Anor attempted to cave in a tunnel on them, but Jade Skyawalker was able to keep the rock fall from crushing them until help arrived.

Knowledge of Anor's presence came too late, since he had already sabotaged several of the operations, including releasing the naotebe winglings that had destroyed a refugee encampment. As the refugees were again frantically prepared for evacuation, Solo helped Mara, Anakin and Luke Skywalker find her brother Jacen, who had gone missing. While Anakin and Skywalker staged a diversion, Solo found the building where her brother was unknowingly waiting for a meeting with a collaborationist who intended on turning him over to the Yuuzhan Vong. She helped him escape but they still had no way of tracking down the Yuuzhan Vong agents or collaborationist Peace Brigade members on Duro.

The planet was then attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, who sabotaged the planetary shields and unleashed bioengineered siege creatures including Tu-Scart and Sgauru and the serpentine Ychna. When it fell, Solo was on the ground with her mother and other refugees, seeking shelter underground. While the rest of the refugees tried to dig their way farther from the Yuuzhan Vong landing party, Leia Solo sought to sabotage the Yuuzhan Vong advance, bringing her daughter and son Jacen with her. They managed to free some prisoners by taking out their guards, but Leia was not through. She attempted to use a mining laser to inflict further damage, only to be caught by a Yuuzhan Vong party.

She closed a door, sealing her children off from her, though she urged them to run before she did so. Her choice meant that the twins could escape, but their mother was captured. Jacen immediately went back for her, and while Solo hesitated some, expressing more resentment towards her mother abandoning them again, she too eventually returned also. Solo soon found her mother imprisoned by the Yuuzhan Vong and was able to communicate with her in Mon Calamari blink code by tapping on the walls.

Solo wanted to free her mother immediately, but Leia instead told her to warn the others of her captor—Warmaster Tsavong Lah —and his threat to destroy Duro's orbital cities and the millions of people in them. Solo obeyed the request and relayed the message, though she was exasperated at her mother running her off yet again. She then returned just in time to see Jacen finishing off the Yuuzhan Vong that had been torturing her mother. With Jacen carrying a wounded Leia, Solo led the way out back through the tunnels on Duro back to the Millennium Falcon where Han Solo was waiting for them.

They then blasted off Duro together. The incident on Duro led Tsavong Lah to offer the galaxy a chance at peace in exchange for the Jedi, particularly Jacen. Solo returned to Coruscant with her brothers while Han Solo arranged for Leia's medical treatment. After her mother returned, Solo was asked to accompany her to a Senate meeting charging Senator Viqi Shesh with corruption. Though Leia's legs were still injured, she asked her daughter to use the Force to help her walk and Solo complied. The charges laid out by Leia against Shesh were serious and led to the Appeasement Vote, a law that might have outlawed the Jedi, failing by a two-to-one margin while Shesh dealt with the corruption charges. Following that meeting, Solo, attending a gathering of Jedi on Coruscant where Kyp Durron angrily expressed his irritation with what he perceived as inaction by Luke Skywalker and many of the other Jedi.

Solo and her siblings came to the defense of their uncle, though they agreed with Durron on the need to take action against the invaders. Following Durron storming out, Solo and her brother Anakin caught up with him and attempted to persuade him to stay, but he stubbornly refused. Solo and her brothers then tried to determine where the Yuuzhan Vong and their Peace Brigade allies would strike next and concluded that the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 was a likely target. They told their uncle about the situation, and though he acknowledged the threat, he said he needed them for other missions. Anakin did not heed those instructions, though, and went to Yavin 4 himself, arriving shortly before the Peace Brigade attacked.

Solo proposed mustering as many Jedi and ships as they could manage without official help or authority, but Skywalker urged patience. While they were trying to decide what to do, Solo and Jacen realized that Mara was pregnant, and congratulated her. They accepted the assignment and went on their way. Eventually they were able to locate Terrik and helped him recover Anakin and his friend Tahiri Veila from occupied Yavin.

The three young Solos defended the evacuation of the last few students by Talon Karrde's ships, at one point confronting dozens of Yuuzhan Vong on foot with their lightsabers. Solo returned to Coruscant, expecting to be recalled back into Rogue Squadron once her eyes had fully healed, but they were reluctant to do so because of anti-Jedi political pressures. When a warrant was placed for the arrest of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, the two elder Jedi fled in the Jade Shadow , signaling Solo to fly cover for them.

She helped them fend off a formation of interceptors, crippling their ships rather than destroying them. Rogue Squadron came to assist the Skywalkers as a show of support, though Master Skywalker told them not to endanger themselves and their future with the New Republic. Colonel Darklighter told Solo that she was still a Rogue, which she appreciated, even if she couldn't fly with them at the moment. At that point, the Skywalkers prepared to jump to hyperspace. Before they did so, though, Luke asked Solo to locate Kyp Durron and arrange a meeting with him.

He also provided her the means to locate Durron—a tracking device aboard his ship that placed his location near Sernpidal. Solo reached the remote system where Durron was, and he expressed gratitude at seeing her, saying that he was just about to come looking for her and Rogue Squadron. Solo gratefully put down at his remote base to discuss what he had found, and also explained to Durron that Master Skywalker wished to meet with him. Durron replied that would see the Jedi Master, but wanted Solo's help with something in exchange. He informed her of a massive Yuuzhan Vong vessel being grown in the ruins of Sernpidal, which he described as a planet-destroying weapon.

Convinced of the threat, Solo reported the existence of a Yuuzhan Vong gravitic superweapon to her superiors, though she didn't trust Durron, nor did she appreciate his aggressive and manipulative manner. Landing on Chandrila with Durron, she met with Darklighter and Antilles to explain the threat. Antilles was not pleased to see Durron, but after examining the report for himself, he agreed that action was needed and contacted Admiral Kre'fey. While they waited for his response, Solo found herself alone with Durron. He asked her to fly with his squadron in pending attack on Sernpidal, which she refused in favor of staying with Rogue Squadron.

He then asked her to be his apprentice, which she said pessimistically that she would consider, though she was having difficulty in sorting out Durron's true motives and emotions towards her. At any rate, Kre'fey agreed to assist in the attack with his forces and Solo was pleased that she was included in the planning meetings. She destroyed several coralskippers as part of the advance force, but the squadron took heavy casualties even as the capital ships arrived. To augment their numbers, General Antilles took to an X-wing himself, flying alongside Solo, which thrilled her.

His piloting instincts alerted to him a trap by coralskippers attempting to ram them and they evaded the suicidal coralskippers successfully. The rest of the squadron was not as fortunate, losing another pilot. Solo continued fighting, but when Kre'fey's ships finished off the superweapon, she was too close to it; the explosion crippled her ship. While drifting through space, she discovered the so-called gravitic superweapon was actually a series of dovin basals that were bringing material for the ship from the system's star. Solo realized that they had been tricked into destroying a worldship for Yuuzhan Vong civilians, not a weapon. This deception and betrayal caused a deep rift between her and Kyp Durron, as she told him she would never trust him again. The Rar sisters were on the freighter Nebula Chaser , which Solo located just as it was boarded by a Yuuzhan Vong frigate analog.

An escape pod jettisoned from the ship and while Solo and Jade Skywalker could do nothing for the hapless refugees and crew aboard the ship, they were able to recover the ship, which contained Alema Rar and the body of Numa. Rar told them of a new Yuuzhan Vong creature, the voxyn , which hunted Force-sensitive beings. Furthermore, the Yuuzhan Vong threatened to slay thousands of refugees unless the location of the new Jedi base that Luke Skywalker was creating was revealed.

With this dual threat to the Jedi looming over them, Solo and Jade Skywalker returned to Coruscant to determine how to counter this new menace. While there, Solo was still not flying with Rogue Squadron, so she contented herself with watching over baby Ben. While the Mon Calamari Jedi Master Cilghal led the investigation into the nature of the voxyn threat from the hidden Jedi shelter on Eclipse, Solo and her brothers agreed to help Cilghal collect more voxyn corpses for study.

Solo was placed in charge of tactical planning for the mission based on her experience in Rogue Squadron, though her brother Anakin was in command. Taking a team of young Jedi who had grown up and trained together, they conducted a stake-out on the outskirts of the Froz system , hoping to detect a Yuuzhan Vong ship and voxyn. They watched a Yuuzhan Vong ship approach a freighter, but refrained from engaging it, as it was outside their mission parameters. Durron's squadron, which had also been lying in wait on a separate mission had no compunction about flying in to assist the freighter, only to be caught by a group of Yuuzhan Vong ships jumping into the system.

Anakin then led his team of Jedi in their X-wings and blastboat to engage the Yuuzhan Vong ships and rescue Durron. Solo accounted for at least four coralskippers in the brief engagement and they also inflicted heavy damage to a Yuuzhan Vong frigate analog. That engagement was also an opportunity to demonstrate two new tactics: shield trios and shadow bombs , both of which would become standard Jedi weapons soon enough. Upon their return, a large group of the Jedi and their supporters gathered to discuss the voxyn on Eclipse. Cilghal was able to learn that the voxyn were cloned from a single specimen and the queen was on Myrkr. In response, Anakin Solo proposed a Jedi strike team be given to the Yuuzhan Vong by a traitor and then seize the Yuuzhan Vong ship once they were deep enough in Yuuzhan Vong space to get to Myrkr.

The plan developed rapidly as it was agreed that Lando Calrissian would act as the ersatz "traitor" handing over the Jedi to the Yuuzhan Vong. Calrissian also provided two of his new Yuuzhan Vong Hunter droids for the mission, and the droids helped with the strenuous tactical planning for the Jedi strike team. To aid their plan, the Jedi also came up with a plan to use a Jedi battle meld to strengthen each other during the mission, particularly while they were held by the Yuuzhan Vong. Calrissian followed through with his part of the plan, taking the Lady Luck to a rendezvous point where they were intercepted by a Yuuzhan Vong ship.

Calrissian met with their leader, Duman Yaght , and agreed to turn over the seventeen Jedi. Calrissian's wife and crew entered with blasters and "captured" the Jedi, forcing them to dispose of their lightsabers down a waste chute. When they were handed over to Yaght, Anakin made a show of attempting to spring a weapons locker and stage a revolt to further the illusion that they were unwilling captives. The blasters inside the locker were stored without their power packs, though, and the Yuuzhan Vong quickly put down the escape attempt. Unfortunately for the strike team, the Bith Jedi Ulaha Kore was stabbed by a coufee knife in the struggle and sustained a severe, albeit not fatal, injury. Nor was Yaght far from done with his Jedi captives.

Keeping them bound, cold, barely clothed in the hold, he tortured them one by one, in particular the injured Kore, by exposing them to a voxyn repeatedly and allowing it to use its acid, sonic screech, and claws on them. When Yaght threatened to use a neuropoison on Kore if she didn't confirm the existence of a Jedi base, Solo screamed that it did exist despite the disapproval of the other Jedi. Yaght then released Kore from the torture, only to give Solo a sadistic option; which of her brothers would be tortured next. Based on what her brothers told her mentally, she chose Anakin, as Yaght threatened to harm Kore further if she did not choose.

She was then forced to watch as he used a voxyn to gash Anakin repeatedly, until Solo gave away another tidbit of information. Now that Yaght knew he could break one member of the team, he continued to press for information, dragging the hapless and weakened Ulaha Kore back for more torture. At that point, Ulaha proceeded to grab a warrior's coufee and kill the voxyn, but was even more severely injured in the process. His instrument of torture destroyed, Yaght ceased his predations temporarily.

After they were deep into Yuuzhan Vong space, Anakin triggered the escape plan. Two YVH droids that had been riding the ship's hull broke free and burst into the ship, freeing the Jedi. They also provided them with arms, combat jumpsuits and their lightsabers from an equipment pod that they had also clamped to the ship. Solo helped subdue the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong and their other voxyn and the Jedi used healing trances to recover from the torture. For her part, when not healing, Solo helped examine the workings of the Yuuzhan Vong ship they had seized and repair the damage inflicted on the YVH droids. They soon reached Myrkr and found a Yuuzhan Vong worldship Baanu Rass which orbited Myrkr while serving as the voxyn-cloning facility.

Solo helped fly the ship even as Anakin used a baradium missile to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong matalok cruiser that attempted to stop them. Kore then volunteered to fly the ship while the strike team disembarked and sought out the voxyn queen. The rest of the team dropped down to the worldship in cargo pods while Kore and one of the Yuuzhan Vong Hunter droids rammed into a group of corvettes that were attempting to capture the ship the Jedi had commandeered.

They advanced through the worldship as discreetly as possible, engaging the Yuuzhan Vong only when necessary. Having sensed other Jedi aboard, they attempted to rescue them, but once the Jedi were freed, the strike team realized they had saved two Dark Jedi, Lomi Plo and Welk , who agreed to assist them. The strike team was unhappy with the situation, but they could not just leave the two there.

They brought the Dark Jedi with them even as the Yuuzhan Vong closed in. Their remaining YVH droid sacrificed itself to destroy a pair of coralskippers and the Yuuzhan Vong added more voxyn to their hunting parties in response. Solo and the strike team set an ambush that slew dozens of the pursuing warriors and their voxyn, but the pursuit remained relentless. As they progressed through an area of a vast voxyn training facility, they found an obsolete All Terrain Armored Transport and even a starship, as part of the Yuuzhan Vong simulacrum of environments where the voxyn were expected to hunt Jedi.

Anakin started to grow confident as they continued to survive and approach the central voxyn cloning facility, but a series of Yuuzhan Vong traps, including hostile stinging flitnats that injured two more Jedi on the team, Lowbacca and Jovan Drark , he began to lose some of his confidence. The strike team pressed on, knowing there was no hope of extraction and that their odds of survival, much less completion, rapidly diminished with every passing hour. The Yuuzhan Vong continued to whittle away at the strike team, culminating in an ambush inside a city built for slaves they were housing on the worldship. Solo received a heavy amphistaff blow and went down, prompting Anakin to battle his way to her rescue. He was stabbed by an amphistaff in the process and two more Jedi, Drark and Eryl Besa , were slain by the Yuuzhan Vong.

Anakin did save her, though she immediately chided him for doing something so rash. Her youngest brother then ordered the team to press on despite the severity of his injury. Anakin's wound eventually forced them to come to a halt while their healer Tekli treated him, but the delaying action they fought cost the Jedi the life of the Barabel Jedi Bela Hara. Solo continued to battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, but despite the number of warriors and voxyn she and the others killed, the Yuuzhan Vong kept coming.

They took a shortcut through feral voxyn nests to escape the Yuuzhan Vong warriors, though Solo nearly encountered a Yuuzhan Vong hunting party led by Vergere , a Fosh who had been the familiar or pet of a deception priestess. Vergere used the Force to sense Solo, which startled her, but did not immediately pursue her, as Solo dropped a flechette mine and departed. Another Barabel fell and Raynar Thul was wounded as the strike team breached the central arena where the voxyn cloning facility was, and Anakin continued to weaken. He ordered the team to retreat through a tunnel and they planned to use a derelict but functional starship, the Tachyon Flier , to escape the worldship. The strike team pressed forward, attacked on all sides by Yuuzhan Vong.

At that point, they fell back, but Anakin charged despite his severe injury. He battled through the warriors even as Solo and the other Jedi attempted to cover his wild charge. Even as he was wounded repeatedly, he managed to fight his way through and hurl a detonator onto a pod filled with voxyn tissue samples that could be used to clone more voxyn. That was his last act, as the massive amount of Force energy he used to sustain himself finally burned out and he died. His death sent Solo into a dark rage even as the strike team survivors retreated. Solo could not remain idle and returned to retrieve the body of her brother. Setting up an ambush, she and a number of others picked out Yuuzhan Vong targets while Solo targeted Vergere. When the coordinated blasts were unleashed from their weapons, Zekk knocked her weapon aside, claiming that Vergere was an innocent.

Solo disagreed vehemently, ordering him to get out of her way as she jumped down to battle through the few warriors around Anakin's body. One attempted to slice her brother's body, but Solo's anger manifested itself in the form of Force lightning , slaying the warrior. She then directed her attack at Vergere, but the feathered alien used Anakin's lightsaber to deflect the lightning, then retreated.

Solo claimed her brother's body and then stole a Yuuzhan Vong assault shuttle, using it to attack a group of Yuuzhan Vong around the frigate that had brought Vergere and the Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor along with the warriors that had chased them. Her actions cleared the way for her brother and the other survivors to destroy the voxyn queen. The frigate returned fire, though, damaging her shuttle. Solo crash-landed the ship without further casualties. Still burning with anger, Solo contributed to the defense as more Yuuzhan Vong attempted to take the remaining Jedi captive.

In the mean time, Jacen and the others were able to capture the frigate Ksstarr , but while the rest of the Jedi captured the frigate and extracted Solo and her party, Jacen was separated while dealing with the queen. Under fire from more Yuuzhan Vong vessels, Solo was forced to retreat, believing her other brother was dead as well at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. She did not want to, and could not even vocalize the order, but the others understood her intention and had their stolen frigate withdraw. Though Jacen was actually a prisoner, she had no way of knowing that.

She taught Ganner Rhysode how to fire the frigate's weaponry, then took command of the ship over the objections of Zekk, who feared her anger had turned her to the dark side. Once they were safely in hyperspace, bound for Coruscant, Solo took the time to confront Zekk, asking if he still trusted her and tacitly blaming disunity for the losses among the Jedi during the mission on Myrkr. Zekk replied that she couldn't blame Jacen for Anakin's death, nor herself for Jacen's disappearance. Solo refused to be comforted though. In mid-flight, Tekli approached her and asked if setting course for Coruscant while in a Yuuzhan Vong vessel was wise. The alternate destination of Gallinore , in the Hapes Cluster , was suggested and Solo agreed that it was a better choice.

They dropped out of hyperspace further from Coruscant than planned, intent on heading for Gallinore. With Coruscant captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, Solo encountered the aftermath of the battle, her ship caught in a crossfire between Yuuzhan Vong and fleeing New Republic forces. Her parents were still in the area and discerned that she was aboard the frigate, which allowed them to remove New Republic pursuit from her ship. Jumping back into hyperspace again, Solo led the remnants of the Jedi strike force to the Gallinore.

While en route, she used that time to heal and begin thinking about a mission to rescue Jacen. Upon arrival over Hapes, the ship was attacked by the Hapans, who believed it was controlled by the Yuuzhan Vong. Solo dispatched Tenel Ka, whose mother was the Queen Mother of Hapes, along with Rhysode, in an escape pod to arrange their safe passage. After fending off the Hornet Interceptors that attacked them, Solo was able to salvage one of their communication units and used it to contact the Hapans. She was answered by Ta'a Chume , the former Queen Mother of Hapes, who promised them safe landing and that they would be her guests. While they were still aboard the ship, Solo found a communications villip, which she used to speak with Tsavong Lah.

Lah threatened to capture her and have her sacrificed to their gods, but Solo taunted him and a deception sect priest, Harrar , who was set to preside over her sacrifice. She further misled them into trying to make contact with the ship even while she had Lowbacca block the signal telling them where their captured frigate was. She also renamed the ship Trickster at this point, choosing it as an insult to the Yuuzhan Vong.

When the Trickster did not hear from Tenel Ka, Solo sensed that her friend had been taken aboard a large Hapan ship. She gave chase, but just as she started the frigate towards the other vessel, she felt a sensation in the Force that seemed like Jacen had been killed. The emotional shock overwhelmed her temporarily, but she soon returned to reality, focusing on locating Tenel Ka. Solo boarded the ship and some of the Jedi assisted Tenel Ka in taking down the pirates who had attempted to capture her.

Solo continued to stay in charge, sending Zekk and Tenel Ka ahead with the seized Hapan ship. Her assertive tendencies and lack of qualms about violence and vengeance worried the others, but they tolerated her behavior while observing her closely. With an escort from the freshly arrived Jagged Fel and Kyp Durron, both ships were able to land safely. She met her parents at a refugee camp, while arranging for transport for Anakin's body. Solo apologized to her mother for not being able to retrieve Jacen, but Leia insisted that her other son was still alive. Solo did not agree with them, but her father admonished her to not judge her mother.

Solo then departed, seeking privacy and isolation so she could grieve. She made her way to the gardens of Ta'a Chume, only to be found by Ta'a Chume herself. The former Queen Mother invited her to a diplomatic dinner, and suggested that—after properly adorned—Solo could use her beauty to win the support of the Hapan military in order to avenge her brothers. Solo agreed to attend the banquet and conversed with Fel there, feeling a swell of attraction for the other pilot as he spoke.

They danced until Ta'a Chume interrupted, asking to speak with Solo alone. Chume spoke to her of the current Queen Mother, Teneniel Djo, and her ailing health. Solo realized that Chume was leading up to ask her to serve as an intermediary to help arrange a marriage between her mother and Djo's husband, Prince Isolder. She immediately rejected that idea and left. Unbeknown to her, Chume was planning on linking her with Isolder and decided to manipulate both of them into a marriage.

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However, Stacy convinces Perry to let The Day The Tractor Came Personification keep her memory on the Learning theories in nursing that she is not a member of the Flynn-Fletcher family. Solo also learned to wipe memories from Durron, and wiped Lowbacca's after she The Day The Tractor Came Personification him remove her presence from the security records so that nobody The Day The Tractor Came Personification know of her handing a prisoner over to Khal's experimentation. Sit back and The Day The Tractor Came Personification while we print your product or email your file directly to you The Day The Tractor Came Personification no time at all.

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